September 6, 2018 | Aaron Pendergrass
As a local realtor I am fortunate to serve an area with such grandeur and allure. During my daily travels around our region listing and showing property, its hard not to mention our natural sites to out of towners.
Northeast Alabama offers an an abundance of natural beauty unique to our corner of the state. Nestled within the Appalachian Foothills, the area between the Cumberland Plateau, Sand Mountain &, Lookout Mountain is filled with natural beauty and wildlife. Any town within our region is just a short drive or hike away from parks that showcase our gorgeous area.
While showing properties to some out of town purchasers, we made a quick detour by the overlook across from DAR School in Grant. This vista is perched atop Gunters Mountain in the town of Grant, Alabama. Overlooking the area that surrounds Cathedral Caverns State Park, Paint Rock Valley and the Cumberland Plateau, passersby are given a birds eye view of the natural beauty that abounds.
It never ceases to amaze me while driving around our region, that we truly are fortunate to live in an area with such beauty and charm. 


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