August 9, 2018 | Aaron Pendergrass
Recently when reviewing photos from a home that I previously remodeled on Sand Mountain near Rainsville. I ran across a photo of the butcher block counter tops that we installed and thought I would share the idea. Butcher block counters are not my idea and have been around for centuries however, with the new farmhouse trend they can blend with that style and still be functional.
Originally, I had planned to install granite counters however, toward the end of the project I ran across this great rubber wood material. After doing some research, I discovered the durability of the material and it was cost effective as well to boot!
The material we used was 3 inches thick, making it very durable. One of the great aspects that I love is the fact that regardless on how rough and tough you are with your counters. (I know that I can be!) This material will age well and develop a rustic patina or if you tire of any imperfections you can sand the surface to make it look fresh and new.
Upkeep is minimal, contrary to popular belief. A couple of times a year just wipe it down with mineral oil or a beeswax solution.
Happily fixing up homes one at a time!
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