September 7, 2018 | Aaron Pendergrass
Real estate agents promote themselves through many different marketing avenues so, sometimes its hard to muddle through the hype to find the best agent for you. Below you will find several tips I have created to help you ensure you have the right agent for the job.
1. Follow up with reviews. Just like you would do with any large or small transaction the internet has compiled a ton of information to help the consumer find the best product or service possible. Be sure to read reviews from past customers and clients on your potential realtor to hire. The internet has a wealth of information good and bad, if your potential hire doesn't have much information on them it may be best to move on to the next.
2. Verify their license. It is required by Alabama Law for a real estate salesperson to have an license to practice the sale of real estate on Alabama real property.  Be sure to verify that they have a license on a reputable site like the one provide by the Alabama Real Estate Commission.
3. Ask about professional accomplishments.  A reputable realtor with a proven track record will have some level of sales history, awards, or professional certifications.
4. Ask about experience. You probably wouldn't take your new sports car to the local shade tree mechanic. The same should be so with real estate. The average mortgage in the United States is secured with a 30 year note. Would you feel safe entrusting a decision that it would take you 30 years to pay for with a broker that has little to no experience? I would hope not. Be sure to ask how long they have been in practice.
5. Look at an agents current inventory. If you are looking to hire a professional listing agent, be sure to browse through their active inventory online to see how they market their current listings. If you are not impressed with the way they market current inventory, how differently do you think they would do with your home.
6. Look for a Local Pro. How well your new agent knows the local market and how large their sphere of local vendors can be critical in the level of service that they are capable to offer. If you are listing with a local pro who has a current book of customers they are working with, they will be more likely to secure a purchaser quickly. On the flip side if you are working with a local pro as a purchaser, they can give you the scoop on up and coming neighborhoods and vendors that can save you time and make you money.
7. Ask your friends. People love to give their opinion on their experience. Feel free to ask your friends about their experience with an agent they worked with in the past. Any good agent love referrals from past customers and clients.

If you are looking for an agent to help you sell your home in the Fort Payne area. Please keep me in mind and feel free to reach out to ask any questions. I would be happy to show you how I can help you achieve your desires.
Your Sand Mountain Area Realtor,
Aaron Pendergrass



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