June 22, 2018 | Aaron Pendergrass
Garden season is upon us and, there is my favorite delicacy from my garden is a home grown Sand Mountain Tomato. The sandy loam based soil and southern summer heat blends together to make the perfect recipe for some of the best tomatoes on the planet.
As an avid gardener, I look forward to growing season increasingly more and more every year. Luckily for me the fertile soil on sand mountain is known far and wide for producing the most delicious tomatoes imaginable. Really all you need to do is plant, water, and watch them grow. Well, maybe there is a little more work required than that but, you get the picture.
Tomatoes are a versatile fruit in the kitchen as well. You can fry them green, make soup, salsa, the list is endless. However, one of the most traditionally local things I can think of to do with a tomato is make a sandwich. White loaf bread, a little mayo, and a vine ripen tomato are truly a match made in heaven!
No matter where I travel or what grocery store I go to, there really is no substitution for a Sand Mountain grown tomato.
Happy Gardening,
Your Sand Mountain Realtor!




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