August 23, 2018 | Aaron Pendergrass
In the Northwest Corner of Jackson County is one of this realtor's  favorite places in the area in the state. So one may think that there is a giant amusement park, golf course, or some other hot spot for this to be one of my picks. The answer is no. There are only 2 words that I can think of to describe this place and that is BREATH TAKING.
While driving from Scottsboro towards Huntsville, just before exiting Jackson County many drive right on by the turn onto Highway 65.
The next time you have an afternoon to just cruise around, take my word and make the time. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, want a spot to drive with the top down, or just need an afternoon out without a cell signal, this is a great afternoon.
The Paint Rock Valley is bordered on either side my steep mountains with the slow moving Paint Rock River meandering is way down toward the Tennessee River. Highway 65 starts off with some long straight ways but progressively curves more and more through the valley. There are tons of turns off of the main highway and many of them travel several miles back into other coves and valleys.
The ecosystem and community in this area seems as if time has stopped. As you are driving through this area, it would be easy to imagine what our area was like when the settlers first came here. There are no strip malls, stop lights, or gas stations for that matter (so fuel up before leaving).
If an afternoon with great scenery is just what you need, take it from you local realtor, Paint Rock Valley is just what the doctor ordered. 


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