August 18, 2018 | Aaron Pendergrass
One truly unique to Sand Mountain thing to not miss is the UFO Days Festival held in the small town of Fyffe every August. This festival can draw big names far and wide, from past experience.
For those not familiar with the Town of Fyffe and the local tales of UFO's, let me give you the scoop. Back in the late 80's, there were numerous reported sightings of UFO's flying in and around the town of Fyffe. So many so that even when the local police chief was called upon, he reported seeing the same unknown flying objects. The sightings quickly became so prevalent and widely seen that bleachers were erected in a field beside the local Foodland in Fyffe for folks to gather to scan the skies for the UFO's.
The store was so prevalent that it was even reported on by the New York Times and various other large media outlets. Fyffe made its claim to national fame with these events and every year there is a festival to celebrate the events. Many large name bands have performs and hot air balloons are also flown during the event. So, if you are on Sand Mountain in August be sure to check out this event.
Mr. Sand Mountain
Aaron Pendergrass


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